Coffee Strong Athlete

Jake Webb

I first got into lifting when I was 12. I started off with an old school 1970s weider bench and dumbbells that my moms boyfriend gave me. I was looking to get stronger for football once I got to high school, and fell in love with the iron. It wasn’t until 2009 while deployed to Iraq that I was introduced to the sport of bodybuilding. I met a few different guys that competed back home and learned the difference between weight lifting and using the muscle mind connection to truly build muscle. For me it became my way of canceling all the negativity that comes with war. 

Once I came home I continued to lift, but really didn’t start gearing my training towards the competitive side until 2017. I was struck by a vehicle at work which led to a 22 month recovery and a lot of extra weight gained. Once I was cleared to train I hit the ground running and haven’t looked back since. 

My goals are to continue to push myself to build up my weak points this offseason, to one day become an IFBB pro, and hopefully compete at the Olympia. 

Be Coffee Strong

Jake has determination and motivation that is needed to be a coffee strong athlete. His good attitude and family values are what we admire here at Java Supps. He has motivated many people and has a bright future in the sport of bodybuilding.

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